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Departmental Forums – A 360 degree learning approach


An Extra Mile!

The Department always strives to create new platforms to the Students to achieve ‘An Extra Mile’ in their specialization and become Industry ready. To help students in gaining knowledge and stimulating them to be proactive in the multiple areas of their academics, the Department creates opportunities through various forums.


A Glance @ Forum Activities:


Spoorthi – The HR Forum: The objective of this forum is to mould the students with dynamic HR Domain skill sets and to enrich creativity and professionalism in their overall personality. The forum is constantly evolving numerous activities like Group Discussions, Creative Collage Events, and Debates etc on current HR Topics. Some of the recent topics include Elisa- the Humanoid at work place, Rupee melt down-effects on HRM, transforming business through HR learning, Interpersonal skills and how to prepare and face interviews.


FINNACC – Finance & Accounts Club:The objective of this forum is to brighten the Financial and Accounting Skill Sets of Finance Students through various student oriented activities. Apart from GDs and Seminars on current happenings in Financial world, sessions on “On-Line Trading of stocks”, interaction with specialists from industry & academia on subjects like “BIT Coins” etc are also organized. Special Mentoring & Counseling sessions are being held to improve the domain and subject knowledge.

Finacc Go to Gallery

CEMS – Marketing Forum: This is the club for nurturing and honing the creative skills of students. It provides a platform for the students for out of box thinking, team work through various tasks making them to gain an extra mile. The club conducts interesting activities like; marketing event-“Mark a Sale”, Panel Discussions, seminar on “Media Advertising”, Product launch, Business plan etc.


Nisarga – The Eco Club: This club serves the Mother Nature through various Go Green Drive. The club members actively participate in planting samplings, collection and disposal of e waste and spread the awareness of ‘Go Green’.


Sangama – The Alumni Meet: This forum provides an opportunity to bind the alumni with the department through periodical meetings to share their knowledge and learning experiences. This forum also provides an opportunity for the Alumni to actively participate in the development of the department.



This is a platform to create awareness and to train students on entrepreneurial skills. The cell is headed by Dr. Joel Gnanaprakash with other faculty coordinators.




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