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Newsletter – The Bulletin Board


The official print media of the department activities with loads and loads of articles, knowledge on subject domain and much more reaches the readers through an eye catching periodic Newsletters brought out by the students.


V-Focus – Department Newsletter:

VFocus V1 Jul-Dec 2008

VFocus V2 Jan-Jun 2009

VFocus V3 Jul-Dec 2009

VFocus V4 Jan-Dec 2010

VFocus V5 Jan-Dec 2011

VFocus V7 Jan-Dec 2013

Finance Newsletter by FINNACC:

FINACC V1 May 2013

FINACC V2 Nov 2013

Marketing Newsletter by CEMS :

CEMS V1 Mar2013

CEMS V2 Nov 2013

HRM Newsletter by SPOORTHI :

Spoorthi V1 Jan 2014


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