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The MBA Department has applied for recognition as an R&D Centre by VTU. The centre is well equipped with required statistical tools for research. The head of the R&D Cell is currently guiding four Research Associates for their PhD. The students are encouraged to take up research projects and present them in national and international al forums.


1. Research Activities by Dr. T. Joel Gnanapragash

PhD Admissions:

  • Guiding two PhD Scholars under VTU.

-> Status – Two students have registered and one of them has cleared the course work.

  • Guiding a PhD Scholar in Bhartiyar University , Coimbatore.

-> Status – Candidate has cleared the course work and is working on the initial phase  which is the Literature Review.

Project Proposals made to VGST titled:

Market survey to identify the downfall of biodiesel manufacturers in Karnataka and provide technical and managerial solutions for resurgence of the same” under SMYSR scheme.


Research Paper Publications:

  •  “An Exploratory Study of Ethical Perspectives of Celebrity Endorsement” – Indian Journal of Marketing, September 2013.
  • “Celebrity- Aided Brand Recall and Brand Aided Celebrity Recall: An Assessment of Celebrity influence using the Hierarchy of Effects Model”  – Indian Journal of Brand Management, September 2013.


Research Paper Presented at International Conference:

  • “ Employees Attitude towards presence of enterprises in social media: A case study of Belgaum retailers.”At 13th International conference organized by Research Deveopment  Research Association,  September 28 & 29, 2013.


  • “An Innovative Way Of Seeing The Other Side Of The Coin- Employer Branding : Introspection  Into Expectations Of Management Students In Bangalore About Their Dream Company” at an  International conference organized by BMS College of Engineering, October 2013.


2. Research Activities by other faculty Members :

Dr. P Nagaraja Rao, Professor has been awarded PhD Degree by Bharthiar University


The following faculty members are pursuing PhD :


1)  Mrs. Sandhya Suswaram – Anna University (Submitted Thesis and awaiting for Viva Voce)

2)  Mr. Srinivasa G – Bhartiyar University (Submitted Thesis and awaiting for Viva Voce)

3)  Mrs. Savitha Kulkarni – Registered with Mysore University.


Paper Presentation and Publications by other faculty Members:


Dr.Nagaraja Rao


  • Presented a paper  titled, “ Industry forces on Employee Empowerment and Employee Engagement for achieving the desired goals in the organization of recent years at the international conference Innovative Business and Technology Strategies for Developing Countries”,  and that got published in the conference proceedings.


Mrs.Sandya Suswaram


  • Published a research paper titled, “Determination of financial capital structure on the insurance sector firms in india- a leaders perspective,”in the European Journal of Social Science.
  • Presented paper at an International conference titled,  “ Innovative retention strategies of IT Employees in Bangalore”


Mr. Srinivasa G


Published a research papers on

  • “Comparative study of registered and foreign venture capital investment with special reference to BT sector in India         Adhayan National journal , School of Management Science, Lucknow.


  • “Venture capital investment as a strategy from Indian perspective” published in “International Journal of Management Focus,2012.


Faculty & Student Joint Research Publication:

  • Mr. Harish.B S – Assistant Professor and Mr. Rajesh M of IV Sem MBA presented and also won the “BEST PAPER AWARD” for their research paper entitled “Study on Online Community towards Branding with reference to Royal Enfield Bullet” presented at a National Conference on “Recent Trends in Management” organized by Department of Management Studies, K.S School of Engineering & Management, Bangalore on 29th May 2014. The same is being published in an ISBN Journal.


  •  Mr. Harish.B S- Assistant Professor, Mr. Rajesh M and Ms. Shwetha. A T of of IV Sem MBA presented a research paper entitled “A Study on understanding customer expectations & Gaps that exist with reference to Royal Enfield Bullet in India” at a National Conference  on “Sustainable Development through Global Business and Technological Advancement” organized by Department of MBA & MCA, Brindavan College, Bangalore on 31st May 2014. The same is being published in ISBN Journal.


  • Mr. Harish.B S – Assistant Professor and Ms. Hajira Begum K of IV Sem MBA have presented a research paper entitled “A Study on Understanding the Students Perception towards ‘Employer Branding’ with reference to the Management students who have opted HR as the specialization in MBA Course” at a National Conference on “Emerging Trends in HRM” organized by PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore on 29th Oct 2013.




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